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Donna Joy's Sedona Sweet Arts  world class gourmet food processor and a award winning Bakery creating custom wedding cakes and packaged foods.

Custom Sedona Wedding Cakes

Gourmet Custom Wedding Cakes handcrafted by pastry Chef Donna Joy....

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Custom Wedding Cakes, Artisan Baking Mixes, Handrafted Cookies & Biscotti

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Sedona Sweet Arts

Custom Wedding Cakes | Arisan Baking Mixes | Handcrafted Cookies & Biscotti

Sedona Sweet Arts is a custom generating Bake and Snack Food Company. Our Products are award winning seen in national magazines such as People & Brides Magazine. Know for the culinary arts created by Pastry Chef Donna Joy, her wedding cakes have been seen, feature on worldwide TV and been awarded by many. Pastry Chef Donna Joy and her products are targeted on Wedding Cakes | Baking Mixes | Artisan Handcrafted packaged Cookies & Biscotti.

Our websites are:

DonnaJoys.com | SedonaWeddingCakes.com | SedonaSweetArts.com

Our Signature line of Donna Joy’s ® Baking mixes can be purchased on-line at   Donna Joy's along with retailers and amazon.

Donna Joy Custom Culinary Arts such as wedding cakes are by appointment.  Please call 928-282-4635. Her work can be seen on Sedona Wedding Cakes  Facebook- Sedona Sweet Arts

In the Beginning:

Donna Joy came from a medical device manufacturing background. She met her husband Dana, who was a restaurateur. They  started coming to the Verde valley in the early 1990's.

They loved the small town charm and adored how neighbors supported neighbors so they bought a 2nd home here. Shortly after that they decided to move to Sedona and to raise and hopefully grow their family.

In this rural area with limited jobs Dana and Donna bought a small yogurt - sandwich shop and transformed it into a Coffee House Bakery Cafe. Business was great and the Varneys soon found they had more work then they could handle. Being in a rural area with limited employees Dana & Donna Joy found that owning a business here meant being able to do as much work as possible themselves.

They jumped in with both feet.  Donna Joy  used what she was taught, homemade family recipes. In addition to making the regular foods she took all the favorite desserts recipes and pastries and starting selling them in their storefront. Before long other restaurants  lined up for their creations. The Varney's ran out of space and opened a second location to give them enough space to provide wholesale baked goods. Immediately after the second location opened, Brides and Grooms requested Donna to make their wedding cakes.

Donna then became a founding member of the Sedona Wedding Professionals Association. was a board member for many years. With Sedona gaining popularity as a Wedding Destination, Donna created a community event Sedona Bridal Fair. As a Board Member of SWPA she sold the concept to the other board members to make the event a community event.  After SWPA dissolved due to lack of volunteers Donna created Sedona Community Organization, Inc. to carry on the work. Sedona Bridal fair made history as the largest and first community Bridal Show in Sedona.

Business was great for the Varneys and there was always more work than two people could handle. Their success came from both their hard work and dedication to a family owned and operated business.

In 2017, the Varneys migrated to a Food Processing certified commercial kitchen where they can balance work and play. Donna Joy is by appointment only and takes reservations for her cakes.  (928) 282-4635 donna@sedonasweetarts.com


Donna Joy Varney                    Donna Joy

Donna Joy was raised by a loving family that loved crafts, arts, engineering and home cooked food. Her Professional career started out young. While going to school and working at a medical device company in Southern California is was asked to come on board to start a biological medical device company. She jumped at the chance and started a medical manufacturing company in Lucerne, Switzerland. She learned a lot even some Swiss German. Starting a company from the ground level was a refreshing challenge for Donna. She set the bar by learning what she didn't know. This company is still operating today. While living abroad, Donna Joy loved studying the European methods of culinary pastry arts.

Then after some years and a child Donna Joy moved back to Southern California. Shortly after that she was asked to set up the production line of a ambulatory infusion device company in Huntington Beach, Irvine. With her pervious experience starting a second medical device company was enjoyment. In this capacity Donna was also involved in off-shore manufacturing along with policy, procedure, and employee management.

Donna Joy is extreme, loves to learn and likes positive changes. Over the years, she has shaped her artistic talents to become a Master Pastry Chef and Sugar Artist specializing in the art of pastillage. 

Routinely requested by other cake artists and bakers, Donna's Pastillage flowers and bows are custom made. Pastry chef Donna Joy can create anything from molded chocolate to Pastillage flowers, custom sculpted sugar flowers and pulled sugar. Donna is also a Chocolatier able to make amazing truffles and confections. Her work is well known within the wedding industry, and, as a result, Donna Joy has won the Bride’s Choice Award  for the five years.  She was also awarded the best Wedding Cake in the state of Arizona by People Magazine in 2007 along with other numerous local awards. Donna Joy's work has been seen in national, state, and local publications. 

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